1 Thing All Young People Should Do This Summer To Avoid Ending Up Unemployed, Depressed & on Jobseekers

Kesh Bhatt

By Keshav Bhatt a YEUK Ambassador

I was talking to my friend recently about our plans for the summer holidays and I realised something…

Most young people have no idea that summer holidays are a lie.Kesh Bhatt

What do I mean? You might be asking.

Well, yes you have 6weeks and more off this summer but treating it like a complete doss and holiday is a huge mistake.

Everyone knows youth unemployment is a big issue for many young people and one of the biggest challenges we face is not just getting grades. That won’t do anymore. You need to stand out. You need to speak an extra language, or be head boy/girl, or have extracurricular activities on your CV.

But do you know what is more important than all of these?


Having experience is vital for a simple reason. It gives you a track record.

I run my own business and as I begin to think about hiring more people, whether interns, volunteers or paid employees I am looking for a few key things and one of these is – does this person have a proven track record, over time of delivering results and being committed?

There are loads of options available to you and I’m not saying don’t go on holiday and chill with your mates and have a laugh/tan/adventure. I’m just saying DO SOMETHING. For a few hours or so a week go and volunteer in an area similar to your interests. Don’t just do anything, pick something you enjoy. Why? Because if you don’t enjoy it you will probably do the bare minimum. If you’re interested, you’re more likely to put more effort in and get better results, which will be shown on your CV.

I’m 24 years old and by following this simple principle, I have over 11 years experience in my sector, have worked with over 10,000 young people, at 10 different UK universities, in 7 different countries and still find time to get hench in the gym!

If you want to take action, I recommend you email us at YEUK and step up to the plate. Get some experience, accumulate things on your CV and who knows, you might even find a job!

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