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Less this!
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Stand tall, sit still:  A successful interview isn’t only about what you say; your body language speaks volumes too. Slumping and shuffling in your seat, twirling your hair and folding your arms can lose you valuable points before you’ve even uttered a word. But practise makes perfect. Run through some interview questions at home – either with a friend or in front of the mirror – and tame those nervous tics before the big day. Then take a deep breath, summon yourself belief and wow them with a strong handshake, genuine smile and plenty of eye contact.

Research, take notes and ask questions on your findings


Do your homework: Never walk into an interview unprepared. Read up on the company you’re dealing with, learning what they do and how they do it. Be able to articulate why you want to work for them and how your personality and experience would prove a perfect fit. Then show off your knowledge and initiative by asking a few well-informed questions about the business at the end of the meeting.



Stay positive: Even when you’re tackling the toughest interview questions, never be pulled down by negativity. There’s no need to divulge the ugly details of your last role or badmouth a former boss. Instead, keep your responses upbeat and professional, focusing on your strengths and enthusiasm for the role.


Top tips!
Top Tips!


Dress the part : If you’re itching to make an avant-gardestyle statement, interview day isn’t the time to do it. In fact, some bosses admit that dress sense can be the decider between similar candidates. So unless you’re in the running for a role at a cutting-edge fashion business, it’s best to play it safe. Plump for smart business attire and save your trendier togs for that new-job night out. If the cost is holding you back, local charity shops are a great place to find eveything you need to get you started!

Confidence is king   A sparkling CV gets you through the interview room door, but charisma is the clincher. Successful candidates exude confidence and use those 3 precious minutes to set themselves apart from other applicants. They know their career history inside and out and sell their strengths like an expert. So do whatever it takes to build yourself assurance, whether it’s running your lines until they roll off the tongue or wearing your sharpest suit.



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