Three things you CAN do at home

Having to stay at home can very quickly get you thinking about all the things you can’t do in the outside world. There are still plenty of things you can do though.

1. Learn something new

The internet is a wonderful, and sometimes weird, thing. We have loads of information at our fingertips (and you know how important it is to double-check what you are reading is true). If you do find yourself stuck at home there are lots of ways you can learn new things.

Books: Online books or audiobooks are great. If you have signed up to your local library you can access them for free.

Apps: There are apps and games that will help you learn to code, play an instrument, sew, design, yoga,  learn a language and so much more. Many of them are free. Pick things you might like and spend some time trying them out.

Cooking: With more time at home you can plan and cook some new and interesting recipes. Make sure you make time for food, shut your machine down and have a break.

2. Shake things up

Redecorating a whole room might be too much, but with some extra time at home you can find the time to organise a drawer or cupboard. You can maybe even move your bedroom furniture around. The activity of clearing things out can have a positive effect on your mood and wellbeing and you might just find some things for your local charity shop too.

3. Dance like no one’s watching

Now is a great time to be a little silly. You can wear whatever you want, put on your favourite song and spend a few minutes dancing about. If you aren’t able to dance, sing aloud (you can find online karaoke tracks on Youtube) or just say the silliest thing you can think of.

These are all some great ways to ease your boredom and tension, and they can help to reset your brain if you have been stuck on a long and/or boring task.


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