The James Brindley Full Circle Programme Information for Schools, Colleges and Organisations: Tackling Youth Offending Head On

The James Brindley Full Circle Programme offers information for schools, colleges and voluntary organisations that directly tackles youth offending, using an evidence based 360 degree approach. Find out more.

The James Brindley Full Circle Programme is an educational tool for children and young people and an assessment tool for professionals. It has been developed to address a variety of behaviours and criminogenic needs, that could potentially lead to individuals making decisions that can have a negative lasting impact on both their lives and others.

Alongside education, the programme seeks to explore positive alternatives to anti-social behaviour and develop an individuals consequential thinking, decision-making and problem solving skills, in order for them to make well informed positive choices.

How does the James Brindley Full Circle Programme work?

An evidence based 360 degree approach

The Full Circle programme seeks to tackle youth offending head on, using an evidence based 360 degree approach. Alongside focusing on increasing a participants awareness of both the short and long term consequences of decision-making, the programme seeks to develop problem solving, and decision making skills, that we believe will contribute to a positive social lifestyle, and avoid involvement in the criminal justice system.

This programme has been developed in response to recent Government statistics, suggesting that looked after children in England are five times more likely to offend than all children (Fitzpatrick, C. 2017). With the use of ‘creative methods’ to encourage participants to share information, the Full Circle Programme can give professionals an insight into why young people may make certain decisions, as well as to form an understanding of the contributors to increased risk.

The programme is delivered in one-to-one and group based settings.

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