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Careers Education Videos – Young Professional Skills

Embed careers education in the classroom with short videos on the five top skills for life and work.

Each of these videos is around 3 minutes long. It introduces students and young people aged 14-24 to vital Young Professional skills – communication, problem solving, teamwork, self belief and self management.

These videos are part of free Young Professional training and can also be presented to students as an online quiz to work through.

Introduction video
Teamwork video
Problem Solving video
Self Management video
Self Belief video
Communication video

More about Young Professional Training

Our free Young Professional programme supports young people aged 14-24 in building the five key life skills to support them in their understanding of the world of work: communication, problem solving, self belief, self management and teamwork.

Our teaching resources help professionals and educators embed careers learning to develop students’ understanding of their career options and how to develop the skills all employers are looking for from school onwards.

Please register as a member and download the Young Professional Starter Pack (PDF) for more information.

For educators:

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Teachers: How can you embed free Young Professional training careers learning?

Training skills for life. In school and beyond.

Youth Employment UK offers free Young Professional training to all young people aged 14-24. They can use it to recognise, value and develop top skills which support their employability and self-development.

Delivery format:

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Online quiz
  • Online resources

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"Excellent for information delivered in both written and visual formats to keep students interested."
Louise Rochford, Careers Advisor

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