How has job hunting for young people changed during COVID-19? Get tips from Youth Ambassador Alina

Young job hunters during COVID-19 face increased competition and new online processes. Our Youth Ambassador Alina shares tips for other young jobseekers.

Hi – I’m Alina. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have noticed a change within the job-hunting process. There is increased competition from other applicants… as well as growth in different online techniques regarding networking.

Let’s talk about the changes to the job searching process since COVID. We’ll also cover how to be more resilient when dealing with application rejections – especially if you’re a young person.

Job hunting during COVID-19 means increased competition

There is no doubt that job hunting has become a lot more complicated as there is increased competition, often from more experienced candidates. As a young person you might feel at a disadvantage due to lack of experience.

Many employers are also still stuck in the pre-COVID mindset of experience and education requirements.

Coping tip: Research Youth Friendly Employers who value personal strengths and enthusiasm over qualifications and experience.

Less feedback for rejections thanks to increased job applications

There is another trend in rejected applications of a lack of feedback due to the high number of applications a company may receive. This makes it challenging to know which parts of your application need improvements on, as it’s essential to provide feedback to know which areas we need to upskill on.

This has affected the quality of my job search significantly!

Coping tip: I’ve had to adjust my interview skills to the company’s standard beforehand through reading reviews on the process on sites such as Glassdoor, but this a trial and error tactic.

Networking with employers has moved online

The nature of networking has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. From my experience, I have found in online job fairs, is that you do get an opportunity to connect with a lot more recruiters and companies compared to face-to-face.

Speaking to employers has been another change which I have added to my job searching process since COVID-19. This could be through asking questions related to the role or either getting a better sense of the company or the employment market within a particular sector.

Coping tip: Email or communicate online with employers through email, LinkedIn and online job fairs.

How can young jobseekers be more resilient?

Timebox your job hunting effortsSometimes, it can be hard to be optimistic about the current employment market; especially after many rejection emails and a lack of response from employers across various sectors. One thing that’s helped me is creating a job searching schedule, as spending too much time on the computer or your phone looking for jobs can be counter-productive.

Communicate directly with employers

The one advice that I would give as a young person is to communicate with recruiters and employers directly through their email or LinkedIn. From my personal experience, this is a helpful approach, and it’s not just asking about job opportunities or volunteering opportunities. You can get a better understanding of the employment market, so you know which sectors you should focus on, and you also gain insights into the current labour market within a particular industry.

Good luck and stay resilient!

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