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Student Finance Tips

There's never a bad time to think about making your cash go further!

At school, at college, at uni and beyond... whatever your plans are, money is often plays a key part. Not sure if you can afford uni? Or you want to make your money go a bit further? Maybe you want to see if you're eligible for funding, or you want to start your own business? We're here to support you with advice and free resources to help those pennies turn into pounds, and those pounds turn into freedocm.

Getting life/work ready

Have you thought about boosting your life and work skills?

Developing the 5 most important skills we need is something you can do for free, in your own time. You can start building those skills with Youth Employment UK wherever you are on life’s journey. It can be a big help when you don’t know what to do next.

Take charge of your life

With Young Professional training you can:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Feel like you’re taking charge of your life
  • Learn more about your wants and needs
  • Give yourself more options – both now and later down the line

You can find out more about the 5 top life and work skills below. When you're ready, head on over to our Young Professional section to get signed up and start developing these skills with free training. Don't just do it for your CV (although employers will love to see your Young Professional credentials). Do it for yourself.

Why are these skills important?

They help you get the most out of life, whatever your goals are. A successful person always says to themselves “yes, I am ready to grow”.

Young Professional – find out more.