Dreaming of starting your own Business?

Go from Dreaming to up and Running!

By Youth Ambassador Shwetal  Shwetal

Start-up, Entrepreneur, and Enterprise are words that are tossed around today in almost every business story and if you have the get up and go to start your new enterprise its much easier than ever before!

Why this sudden rise in starting-up?

With the down-turn in the economy and high levels of unemployment, starting a business has become a popular option.  Our education system is also jumping onto enterprise with many universities offering electives, core modules or fully dedicated courses in enterprise.

It has become a great time for those with the intonation and willing, to go into to a Start-up better prepared. For those who are curious in getting first-hand experience it is now also easier to get support from a range of start-up experts. It once took around 20 years within a corporation to work up the managerial ladder now you can start at the top if you start your own business.

Getting Financial and Business Support

  • Venture capitalists and enterprise organisations provide financial leverage for start-ups,
  • There are also crowd funding platforms such as Kick-starter or Indiegogo helping young people raise funds for their idea.
  • Check out government initiatives such as Enterprise Maintenance allowance through the local Jobcentre Plus (JCP) and other assistance and funding.
  • Plus organisations such as Go Global or 3Day Start-up (for  university students) which is organised through a 3 day event at  university and is based from campus this gives the chance to raise funds and float a company from that event.

Here are a few real life case studies of young entrepreneurs using different resources and starting up. What are you waiting for? Go make that dream come true!

If you are 16-24 register as a free Youth Member onsite and you can access a whole section on starting up your own business!

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