Moving from a Converter Academy to Grammar School

Last September, I began a new school over 20 miles away from my previous converter academy of 5 years to […]

21st Century life for Young People – the challenge we face today

By Laurence As the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks pass, many people would associate the extinct Twin Towers with […]

A generation of unease

Zero Hour Contract ONS Update – April to June 2015

By Youth Ambassador Jack Welch In new figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the rate of people […]

Our New Thunderclap

Developing Humans – Human Development: Young voices; New Idea

By Michelle Ezeuko, A review of the United Nations Development Programme Article “Developing Humans – Human Development: Young voices; New […]

Regional Inequality – The End Of An Era?

By Laurence Griffin In times gone past, so it was that the whole sense of community was very different to […]

My GCSE Story

 Youth Ambassador, Kerys During Year 9 I had trouble deciding which subject I would take on as a GCSE. We […]

Glass ceilings – Apprentices and Graduates are both victims of their own success

By Youth Ambassador Michael Tran With a Government target of ensuring up to three million apprentice starts, we need to […]

A generation of unease

Response to the OECD Skills Outlook Development 2015

By Youth Ambassador Jack Welch The publication of this year’s Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Skills Outlook results […]

YEUK_Youth Friendly Badge

Young Londoner Wins National Business Award For Inspirational Design

Ex-youth offender, Anurah Farrell, overcame nine other finalists to win the Urban Voice UK ‘Project Your Talent 4 Business’ award […]