youth ambassador board

Youth Voice: Youth Ambassador Board now has even MORE influence over Youth Employment UK’s top decisions

Exciting plans and greater youth voice input have been confirmed as Youth Employment UK’s Youth Ambassador Board and team officially […]

Transforming the prestige of Apprenticeships: Youth Voice

For every speaking event in my role as an Ambassador for Youth Employment UK, I’m presented with a brief. Pretty […]

Careers advisors

Are Traditional Careers Advisors Extinct? Youth Voice

Okay, maybe a clickbait title to get your attention, but the varying opinions on the future of Careers Advisors means […]

How Youth Social Action Improves Employability & Wellbeing

As part of #volunteersweek I explore youth social action and how it has played a huge part in changing my own […]

Apprenticeships: How to find the right one for you

With so many apprenticeships to choose from, it can be difficult to find an apprenticeship you will enjoy that’s right […]

Moving from a Converter Academy to Grammar School

Last September, I began a new school over 20 miles away from my previous converter academy of 5 years to […]