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Stock controller jobs… did you know?

How disappointed would you be if you were invited to the VIP launch of a new store by your favourite brand… and when you turned up there was nothing on the shelves?

As a stock controller assistant it’s your job to make sure stock is always topped up. You’d also be responsible for ordering more stock when supplies are low. What you do is considered VITAL to any large retailer, distribution centre or warehouse. Without you, people have nothing to buy.

DID YOU KNOW: Even though so many people shop online these days, the goods don’t magically appear. Stock controllers still need to help keep warehouses stocked for goods bought online to be delivered, so the rise of online shopping isn’t a problem for you.

Industry: Transport and Logistics

Stock controller job trends

How much money can you make as a stock controller?

£13,500 – £30,000 (UK average)

The starting salary can be around £13,500 – £18,000.

When you gain experience, your wage can increase to £23,000 and can eventually rise to £30,000 when you become extremely experienced.

What entry qualifications and training do you need for this job?

School, college and training

Entering at an assistant level doesn’t require any formal qualifications. However, employers could be on the lookout for strong numeracy and communication skills so having some GCSEs (especially in English and maths, which could help with getting to grips with stock lists) will help you get the job.

Diplomas in retail business will certainly help you progress at a quicker rate, especially if you’re looking for a management or head office role one day (although plenty of people in retail have worked their way up from the shop or warehouse floor).


Apprenticeship schemes are another way into a stock controller career. Your employer of choice may be advertising apprenticeships on their websites, or it’s always worth checking the find an apprenticeship website, please follow this link.

Career progression

With time and experience, you could become a stock supervisor or manager. In this role, you’ll be working with suppliers and managing a team which requires great communication and leadership skills..

What experience do you need for stock controller jobs?

Work experience

As this role doesn’t require any formal qualifications you won’t need any specific work experience before you get a job as a stock controller assistant.

However, you need to have some great personal attributes, which include being efficient, working well in a team and having strong communications skills.

If you would like to try out a few days of work experience you could always find a local warehouse or distribution centre and ask to be shown around so you can speak to the people who work there about their day to day duties.

What skills do you need for stock controller jobs?

Useful skills to highlight in your CV, cover letter and interview include:

  • Being helpful and having a positive attitude (which is all part of self-belief skills)
  • Having good time-management skills and a flexible approach to work hours
  • Having good teamwork skills so that you can work well with others
  • Physical fitness, as some roles may require some heavy lifting
  • Feeling confident around equipment such as forklift trucks etc (you will always get health and safety training)
  • Health and safety assured
  • Showing the ability to use your initiative at times, andInitiative skills and showing you don’t always need to wait and be told what to do, you can get on with tasks
  • Being trustworthy and always professional
  • Basic IT skills as you may need to be trained in using a stock database system

Vocational qualifications and work experience will help you build these skills over time.

What does a stock controller do?

A stock controller is generally in charge of processing orders, checking that stock levels are consistent and ordering new stock if needed. They also must update the computer systems with the updated stock information.

As a stock controller assistant you would be helping the stock controller to receive deliveries and make sure they match up with what’s been ordered as well as carrying out spot checks and audits.

There is a strong customer facing aspect to this role. You might be handling questions from customers online, on the phone and in person. Depending on where you work, you could be serving these customers over the counter and handling any queries they may have, which will develop your communication skills.

Your first steps into stock controller jobs

As well as following all the previous routes such as education, work experience etc. You could also consider developing skills through the following roles:

  • Shelf filler
  • Warehouse operative
  • Administrative assistant
  • Retail or transport apprenticeships and graduate schemes are another way to skill up and get started in this career.

Useful organisations and links for stock controller careers

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