How to get an environmental job – 5 things you’ll be glad you already knew

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Okay, so you like the sound of saving the planet. Good. The world needs more people like you. But what do you need to know to get an environmental job you’d love? If you know these top tips, think of them as a refresher. If you don’t… listen up!

1. Volunteering can lead to an actual job in the environmental world.

Volunteering with nature organisations is a really good way to get your foot in the door, and people can quite often get jobs through nature volunteering. There are lots of charities and organisations you can volunteer for to show your commitment to the environmental sector while building up useful skills.

2. Environmental jobs boards are worth checking on a regular basis.

Environment Jobs have all kinds of opportunities posted up, and you can also get a weekly email alert. Best of all, this jobs board is 100% dedicated to environment jobs and nothing but!

Environmental Jobs UK says it’s more of a jobs site for experts, but even if you’re starting out in your career it’s worth taking a look.

GreenJobs does what it says on the tin and you can sometimes find entry-level positions and internships there.

3. Environmental careers don’t always need a degree.

You can prove yourself and build skills through volunteering or entry-level jobs. You might need a degree to be a botanist, but you can do an apprenticeship or college course to become a countryside officer. You can leave the army or start in a junior role and work your way up to become a cartographer who maps the land. You could also work your way up as a geotechnician if you want a career studying rocks. And, as a recycling officer, you can apply for an apprenticeship or – quite often – get into the role via volunteering!

4. If you go to uni, make the most of it.

If you’re doing a degree related to the environment or sustainability, all power to you. Remember, it’s not just all about the coursework and studying! You can join or create an environmental group, or write about environmental issues for the student website or newspapre. Have fun, love your work, and enjoy meeting like minds.

5. You might not get super-rich with an environmental career… but you’ll get super job satisfaction.

You can earn serious bank with some of the best-paid environmental jobs in the UK. However, these jobs typically hit the high salaries at a senior level.

What you can do is get a salary that keeps you comfortable, and fill your life with incredible experiences that other people don’t often get to enjoy. An environmental job will help you learn the secrets of the earth, the water and the air. You’ll discover so much more about all the plants and animals and people who need a healthy nature environment to thrive.

Perhaps best of all? You can feel passionate about going into work every day, knowing what you do is so important for the planet.

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