How to find work experience and work opportunities during the pandemic

Can you get work experience during the pandemic? Yes, you can. Look for virtual work placements and working from home opportunities…

It may seem challenging to gain work experience during the pandemic, especially when most employers may be uncertain about what steps to take. Fortunately, due to the loosening of restrictions, many opportunities within the workplace are beginning to rise. In this blog, we talk about gaining work experience and taking steps towards finding work, especially if you are new to work or looking for work experience whilst studying.

Look for a broad range of work placements and internships (including virtual internships)

Despite the pandemic, employers actively advertise work experience opportunities that include open days, insight days, vacation schemes, placement years, and spring and summer internships.

Internships are a great way to gain work experience as you have an opportunity to gain expertise and experience in a particular sector or role. You also get a chance to build connections within your organisation, which can help you land a career within that sector or use it as a positive experience for your references for future roles.

Some employers may not advertise internships as they may not have made a final decision on the progress of internships  due to the pandemic, but it never hurts to get in touch with an employer and enquire if they have an internship programme in place.

Don’t forget to broaden your search to include virtual work placements, internships, work experience and insight days. These are becoming increasingly common!

Explore work from home opportunities

Did you know? Working from home is also known as ‘remote working’, so keep an eye out for opportunities that include this phrase. It just means you can work from home.

Many employers have shifted from office-based opportunities to remote working opportunities due to the pandemic. Working from home can provide flexibility regarding availability and working hours. Employers are trying to create more working from home opportunities due to safety restrictions. If they can offer you an opportunity where you work from home, it’s useful for them and useful for you too.

Search for online learning and training opportunities

Did you know? Online learning and training is also known as ‘virtual learning/training’ and ‘e-learning’.

Employers are increasingly offering learning and training opportunities via an e-learning platform. This training might be a separate course, or it might form part of an opportunity they are offering like an apprenticeship. This online training is often a mix of soft skills training and  training that is specific for your role.

Make sure you look for online training and learning opportunities on job search websites and through connections within LinkedIn or email.

Increase your chances of work experience by connecting with employers

Staying connected with employers is a big part of finding and being offered work experience.

A potential employer may have connections related to a specific work experience opportunity in your chosen sector(s). You can find out more about employers and their opportunities through LinkedIn, their early careers sites, and by directly emailing the employer. Through this method, you also gain sector insights which can help you explore your work experience and career options with a deeper level of knowledge.

Good luck!

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