Exam Results Helpline – What Do You Need To Know? (VIDEO)

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Sophie and Tom are just two of the many careers advisers on the Exam Results Helpline phones over the results period. See how they can help you work out next steps, however you did in your exams.

What is the Exam Results Helpline?

Sophie Graham, Careers Adviser:

“The Exam Results Helpline is a free service available during exam results period. It’s open from 8am till 10pm, seven days a week.”

How can the Exam Results Helpline help?

exam results helpline careers adviser tom laws

Tom Laws, Careers Adviser:

“It’s a great idea to call the Exam Results Helpline even if you’ve got the results that you were not expecting, because they may be able to highlight different options for you – including other university routes or vocational options.”

What do you need to call the Exam Results Helpline?

  • Have your results to hand
  • Have a pen and paper ready to make some notes
  • Have access to a laptop or PC (so you and your careers adviser can research things together over the phone if you need to)

What kinds of career ideas can you look into with the Exam Results Helpline?

Tom says that the advisers on the phones are asked about hundreds of different careers. They are there to help you feel more confident about your options and next steps, including any qualifications or experience you might need.

Can the Exam Results Helpline help everyone?

Sophie remembers a caller who really stuck with her. They had received only a couple of GCSEs and were unsure what they could do next. Sophie helped them explore Level 1 and Level 2 Qualifications together. They called back to say they’d secured a place in college that would still allow them to follow the career they had chosen.

However you did in your exams, you have the opportunity to explore rewarding next steps. The Exam Results Helpline careers advisers are there to help you discover those steps.

How to contact the Exam Results Helpline

It’s really easy. First off, you’ve got the free helpline number:

0800 100 900

You can also check out the helpline on Twitter, Facebook and The Student Room. You can ask a careers adviser a question on these social channels by using #examresultslive with your question.

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Visit the National Careers Service website for more info:


Further help from us here at Youth Employment UK

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The National Careers Service and the Exam Results Helpline have absolutely got your back when it comes to results day! We all suffer setbacks in life. But we can learn and grow from them. If you didn’t do how you hoped in your exams, then phoning the Exam Results Helpline is a good example of using your resilience and self belief skills – it’s the power of bouncing back.

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