4 Ways to stay motivated when working from home

Are you working from home because of coronavirus? Here are some ways to stay motivated when you’re working from home for the first time!

Working from home has its benefits but it can be a struggle getting into the swing of things and staying motivated when your commute is from bed to sofa. How can you stay motivated with no manager watching you and no obvious routines in your day? These motivation tips will help you shape your time and feel better about the work you are doing!

Shorten your to-do lists

Really focus on your to do list. Filter out the long term plans and break those into manageable tasks and chunks. Having “complete marketing report” on the list will take a long time to tick off (which is really demotivating). It also doesn’t give you smaller achievable steps to aim for. Break a big task like the one mentioned down into little action chunks: get the analytics, pull off data reports, speak to the marketing team.

It is also important not to sit looking at the full list of things you need to do for the week or even day ahead. Break the list down into e.g. “Things to do by lunch”. Then by lunch time you’ll already have ticked off three smaller steps and you will feel better and more motivated.

Look at your routine

You might think that working from home means you can be the master of your own destiny but you also need to be your own boss too. Set yourself a routine, feel free to do something fun before you start work but spend 15 minutes planning your day. Pop in some time to plan it the day before too. It can be daunting to start the day and have to figure out what to do.

Reward yourself

Small things make a big difference! If you finish a task, get up, walk around and reward yourself with a drink. Walk around, pump up your favourite song and take the time to celebrate that you have finished the task.

Cheat 🙂

A little trick is to start your list with something that you have already completed or are very close to finishing. Being able to tick that off will give you that little boost you need to keep going!

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