Job Hunting Help in Youth Friendly Coventry

If you’re job hunting in Youth Friendly Coventry, these resources will help you boost your confidence, shape up your CV and find local vacancies that are a good match for you.

Get local jobs help with Coventry Job Shop

For support to find a job, including help with completing application forms, interview practice, and access to local vacancies, visit the Coventry Job Shop. Because it’s local, it’s tapped into what you need as a young jobseeker in Coventry.

Using your local Jobcentre

Jobcentre Plus has dedicated Work Coaches (Youth Employability Coaches) focused on helping young people find work. You will need to be registered at the Jobcentre to access this facility. 

Jobcentre Plus can actually help with all sorts of things. For example, you can get free support with preparing CVs and applications. You can even get practice in doing mock interviews to boost your interview confidence!

Using job hunting websites

You can filter job search sites for Coventry to see what comes up in your area. You can also use GOV.UK’s official Find A Job site which has a huge range of the latest opportunities.


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