Aged 14-24?

Ready to take the next steps in life, whatever your background and interests are? Get job ready - build your skills and discover youth-friendly employers like McDonald's who are ready to give you a chance to shine, along with great training and support...

“At the moment what I really love about McDonald’s is that I can do my degree apprenticeship. That’s fantastic. It’s like every year McDonald’s is coming up with something new.”

Meet Thiago

“I started in McDonald’s because it was part-time. I stayed because of the people. McDonald’s supports you in terms of your training. They train you to exceed what you expected of yourself.”

Meet Afsana

“It is really important to be yourself because all our individuality comes into our work. What makes the company so good is that you’ve got all these different people and it works.”

Meet Josh

Why Do Employers Want To Hire Young People?

You're ready to take on the world. You've got a positive attitude and you're keen to learn and try new things. You are still building up your skills and experience, but everyone has to start somewhere. Walk into job interviews with your head held high - youth-friendly employers can see you have a lot to offer!

How Can Youth-Friendly Employers Help?

Youth-friendly employers hire on your personal qualities, not just on experience and qualifications. They want you to have your chance to shine. They give you a fair salary and great training and development - like Youth-Friendly Employer McDonald's, who offer all kinds of rewarding opportunities for young people including Management Degree Apprenticeships.

How Can You Spot a Youth-Friendly Employer?

Look for the Mark! The Youth-Friendly Employer Mark is a seal of quality awarded to chosen employers by youth employment champions Youth Employment UK. Employers with the Mark have shown they have real commitment to investing in young people's working futures. Applying for jobs with Youth-Friendly Employers means you are more likely to get your foot in the door and enjoy the benefits of training and support once you are in the world of work.