Build Your Problem Solving Skills

What is problem solving?

Life and work are full of challenges to solve. Employers considering you for a position already know that problems will crop up in your job, and they’re expecting that. What they want to know is how you will deal with those problems.

Takeaway tips

  • In job interviews, be ready to give an example of a problem you solved or challenge you overcame. Employers will want to hear how you’ve dealt with problems in the past. Describe the past problem, how you went about finding the root of the problem, and how you logically examined your options and applied a solution.
  • Remember that problems can come in all shapes or forms. Problem solving doesn’t just mean solving maths puzzles! They may be practical, mental or emotional.A problem could be a wrong part being delivered for a machine, a dissatisfied customer or someone at work needing to take sick leave before a deadline.
  • You will always have problems you’ve overcome in life, so look back on your achievements and think how you overcame those challenges.