Phone interview tips

phone interview tips

Many employers use phone interviews to see which job candidates will get to have a face to face interview. Forward-thinking companies like McDonald's even do interviews using Alexa. See how to shine in interviews where you can be heard but not seen.

Treat phone interviews like a regular interview

You may be using your trusty phone but this isn’t a natter with your best mates. You still want to make a good impression.

Research the job and employer

Show the employer you really know what the job involves and what the company wants to achieve. This will help you shine in your interview.

You can research the role by reading through the job description. You can even print it out so you can use it to refresh your memory during the job interview.

See what the key skills and requirements are for the job. Then you can use the phone interview to show you have the skills and meet the requirements.

Have your CV in easy reach

Keep your CV nearby during your phone interview and you won’t have to worry if your mind goes blank. It will help you remember your past work and education experience, and what you’ve achieved in any work done so far.

Prepare any questions you want to ask

If the interviewers asks if you have any questions, be prepared! Some good questions to ask are:

  • Can you tell me more about what work I would be doing?
  • What personal qualities are you looking for?
  • What do people like best about working for this company?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?

Questions like this show you have a professional attitude and you care about the job.

Last thoughts…

  • Aim to be friendly, positive and professional
  • Make sure you’re not hungry or thirsty or need the bathroom before you start
  • Smile as you speak – interviewers can hear that positivity come through!
  • Listen carefully and try not to interrupt

End on a good note

Finally… remember to thank the interviewer for their time at the end of the interview!

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