Video interview tips

More employers are using video interviews these days. See how to prepare for video interviews and come across well to employers on your mobile, desktop or laptop screen.

Get everything ready before the interview

Is your phone fully charged? Do you have good reception? Prepare in advance to make sure technology won’t let you down.

Find out what product the employer wants you to use. Skype, Shortlist or Jobvite are some examples. Download the software in advance and make sure you are using a professional name and photo when setting up your account. Do practice runs, either solo or with a friend. This will help you check for sound/video quality and check the product for any glitches. It will also help you get used to the experience.

Set the scene for your video interview

You don’t want to do your video interview while walking down a loud busy street. You don’t want to show the employer how messy your home is either! First impressions count.

  • Pick a quiet spot for your interview
  • Make sure you won’t be disturbed (e.g. kids or pets)
  • Make sure your TV, radio and washing machine are turned off
  • Make sure that whatever the interviewer can see behind you in the room looks clean and tidy
  • Remove clutter and anything that might make the employer think twice about hiring you
  • Be clean, tidy and groomed in your interview clothes on the big day

During the video interview: Use your communication skills

  • Make the interviewer’s face the main focus on your screen so you can share friendly eye contact
  • Speak clearly and not too fast
  • Slow wifi connection? Don’t panic. Video interviewers get this all the time – just explain the situation
  • Try to feel relaxed – video interviews are just another way to talk to someone.

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