Build Your Self Management Skills

What is self management?

Self-management is about being your own boss, but not in the sense of being self-employed. It’s about taking charge of how you handle things at work and in life to get results where you know you did your best. You’ll display initiative in being able to work without always being told what to do. You’ll be organised and able to plan ahead to reduce potential chaos. Finally, you’ll consider yourself responsible for results – both good and bad. You’ll won’t sit back, take it easy and file a failed project as someone else’s problem. Every employer wants someone with strong self-management skills on their team.

Takeaway tips

  • Arrive to your job every day and on time. If you think you can’t meet a deadline for a task, don’t be shy or proud – tell a team leader early on in the process so that schedules and processes can be revised if needed. This consideration of time shows you care about your job and understand the need for punctuality and planning ahead.
  • Plan your time and workload effectively, whether you are in a job or looking for one. Keep your diary planner up to date.
  • Note down useful contacts, details, resources and processes for any task – especially if you’re in a new job and still settling in.