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Talent Match Mark Award Framework

Youth Employment UK is home to the Talent Match Mark, an award framework that recognises and celebrates outstanding employers who support young people in their journey to work.

You can apply for a Talent Match Mark Award in Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum to demonstrate to young people and the business community that you provide young people with opportunities to explore and experience work, as well as creating opportunities for employment.

When you become a Talent Match Mark employer, you’re making a genuine difference. One that benefits your company as well as the young people you support. You are part of something big.

Which Talent Match Mark Award is best for your organisation?

With the Platinum Award you will receive an independent assessment of your practice along with practical ongoing guidance and entry into the Annual Youth Friendly Employer Awards.

Community Members can apply for the Platinum Award. Or you can find out more about the free-of-charge Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards below!

Why become a Talent Match Mark employer?

Being an employer with the Talent Match Mark could help you discover someone your business couldn’t do without.

How the Talent Match Mark can help your business:

  • Be recognised as an employer that creates opportunities for young people in your community
  • Work with a national network of organisations providing pre-employment support to thousands of talented young people
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to support young people and therefore develop their management, public speaking and presentation skills
  • Create real opportunities for social mobility
  • Improve staff retention and employee investment

Endorsed by Goldsmiths University, our Talent Match Mark gives organisations the tools and support they need to ensure their organisation is positioned to maximise the potential of the young people it engages as employees, customers or other stakeholders.

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Become a Talent Match Mark employer today

There are four award levels of the Talent Match Mark: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Employers are awarded for the number of stages in a young person’s journey at which they offer career interventions, for example:

Talent Match Mark Awards

Explore and experience with Talent Match Mark

Ready to get started?

Platinum Award

platinum award

As a Community Member you gain exclusive access to the Platinum award. If you are not a already a Community Member contact us. 

On achieving the Platinum Award, which carries an independent assessment charge, you will receive a range of employer benefits from Youth Employment UK, including:

  • Practical guidance on developing policies, behaviours and best practice
  • Committed help and support in taking on board the five core Youth Friendly principles of the Talent Match Mark
  • Entry into Annual Youth Friendly Employer Award


Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Achieving the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards is free - simply download and complete an application form to get started.

Talent Match Mark bronze award

Talent Match Mark silver award

Talent Match Mark gold award


Show you commit to the 5 Youth Friendly principles

As a Talent Match Mark employer with Youth Employment UK, you can demonstrate commitment to five core principles:

creating opportunity
Creating opportunity
Commitment to providing diverse opportunities for young people to gain the skills and experiences they need for work and life.
fair employment
Fair employment
Commitment to removing barriers for young people to enter the workplace. Offering fair opportunities and rewards based on the role recruiting for and in accordance with the highest industry standards.
recognising talent
Recognising talent
Commitment to recruiting young people based on their ability, talent and potential. Understanding they are still developing and may have had limited work experience during full-time education.
developing young people
Developing young people
Commitment to training and supporting the development of young people, so they are motivated to take ownership and responsibility for their careers and they are equipped to progress.
youth voice
Youth voice
Commitment to listening to young people and to providing opportunities for their voice to be heard within a community or organisation.

What is Talent Match?

Talent Match is the UK’s largest voluntary programme to tackle youth unemployment delivered by over 200 charities across 21 areas.

Over £100 million is being invested in England to target and support 25,000 young people who are furthest from the jobs market. This includes young people completely outside the benefits, work and training system who face severe barriers to gaining the skills they need to get into work.

Youth Employment UK are the leading champions for the Talent Match Mark and the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards.

Contact us

You can download the Talent Match Mark application forms for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards to get started, and follow the contact instructions on the forms.

The Platinum Award is exclusively available to Community Members. If you are an existing Community Member you can visit the Platinum Award page for more information, to join as a member or for further support with any queries please contact our Membership Manager info@youthemployment.org.uk.

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