What are recruitment agencies?

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment Agencies: what are they and how do they work? 

When you are looking for work, or sometimes even when you not you can get calls from recruitment agencies asking to interview for the roles they are recruiting for. Sometimes you might apply for a role online and not realise it is one a recruitment agency was posting which can be confusing!

What are Recruitment Agencies?

  • Recruitment Agencies work with companies to find appropriate people for their roles, and work with candidates to find them a role they want. Recruitment agencies are chosen by companies to find candidates, think about how many people apply for a job role, some organisations do not have the time to go through all of the CV’s, answer questions on the job role or pre-interview candidates so they ask for an agency to help them. 

How do Recruitment Agencies Work?

  • The agency will receive a job description or booking from a company
  • The consultants will then draw up a list of the most suited candidate(s) for the role
  • The company then either make a short list or decision on the candidate(s) they would like to see or work for them

Agencies hold a database of candidates with the aim to get them all into the most suitable job for them. The role you applied for might to be the right one for you but that doesn’t mean the recruitment agent wont be able to help you. 

What are the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency?

  • Agencies have a great insight to the companies on their database, this will allow you to know a lot about the company before getting there or having an interview!
  • The Agency will do their absolute best to prepare you for interviews, they are also there to answer any questions you may have
  • It is often found that agencies have access to exclusive job roles that aren’t otherwise on the job market, this can usually lead to you getting in with a great company
  • An Agency can negotiate various things on your behalf such as salary, working hours, working days etc.

  • If the agency place you into temporary assignments and you enjoy the role and get on really well you could have the opportunity to stay on permenantly, or if you start a role you think really isnt for you its likely your notice period wont be as long as if you went direct
  • They are there to listen and to help you! If you are open to the work you want to do it will allow the agency to put you forward for a number of assignments in a variety of roles

This article was a contribution from our Youth Ambassador Courtney, Courtney is a Recruitment Consultant and has written this from her perspective. You don’t have to use a recruitment agent to find you work but this is a guide to who they are and what they do.

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