The role of Youth Ambassadors

Youth Employment UK are the leading voice and expert on youth employment issues in the UK. Our purpose is to support the reduction of youth unemployment by:

  1. Giving young people a voice and empower them to be better prepared for the world of work
  2. Helping organisations be better equipped to support young people and adopt Youth Friendly principles
  3. Ensuring that government policy is geared towards the real needs of young people

Youth Ambassadors

Ambassadors are a dynamic team of volunteers aged 16- 24 years old. They work together to tackle youth employment barriers within society and support Youth Employment UK to represent the voices of young people. Ambassadors sign up to 10 hours volunteering time a month and in exchange we support them with opportunities to really make a difference as well as training and support.

Role of Youth Ambassadors

Helping with the big stuff:

Bi-monthly projects looking at a big policy question.
As a team you will explore topics like work experience, social mobility and careers education.

Taking the show on the road:

Share the Youth Employment UK resources and your own story by representing us at events, careers fairs and even back in your old school or college.

Telling your story:

Share your journey and experience by writing articles for young people in our network

Our Ambassadors:

  • Work together on issues affecting youth employment to come up with ideas and solutions to support all young people
  • Empower, inspire and support young people to become Young Professionals
  • Share their own and other young people’s experiences and opinions on areas within the youth employment space – blogs, vlogging, attending events and conferences, respond to policy, writing articles
  • Support organisations to develop youth friendly policies and procedures to create more opportunities for all young people

Qualities of a Youth Ambassador

The Youth Ambassador programme is open to all young people aged 16-24 years old who are open to develop a number of qualities which will support them in their role.

Youth Ambassadors are supported to:

  • Effectively communicate and present their ideas, views and opinions to others
  • Interact with young people in an inspiring and engaging way
  • Develop their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to supporting all young people in their journey towards employment
  • Work as a team to solve problems and come up with new ideas
  • Use their initiative to recognise and act on opportunities which may align with the work of Youth Ambassadors and Youth Employment UK
  • Promote and uphold the values of equality and diversity and behave in a non-discriminatory manner.



Our expectations of ambassadors:

When signing up to the programme all ambassadors will undertake a telephone interview to explain more about the role, the expectations and to identify any support that may be required.

  • Youth Ambassadors agree to undertake 5 training sessions, available online and evidenced by completion of short surveys
  • Youth Ambassadors agree to complete the Young Professional Training and undertake the weekly Young Professional weekly challenges
  • Youth Ambassadors agree to undertake 10 hours volunteering time each month
  • Proactively look for opportunities to be engaged, in particular paying  attention to Facebook posts and emails
  • When attending events or meetings Youth Ambassadors will write up a summary

What ambassadors get in return

  • Training to develop key skills for life and work
  • Opportunity to make a difference to youth unemployment
  • A platform to have a voice, build your profile and ambassador
  • Personal support and guidance in your journey
  • Opportunity to evidence your volunteering activity for future CV’s and job applications
  • An opportunity to be connected to a wide network of employers, government staff and other key organisations
  • A personal reference when you need it (providing you have actively engaged with the programme and met the programme expectations)

For further information: Contact us by phone on 01536 680916 or email us at

Aged 14-24?



Apply now for the Youth Friendly Employer Award:

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