Young people share their insights on what works in work experience

It’s too easy to second-guess young people’s needs. Youth Friendly employers recognise the importance of actively considering the needs and experiences of young people when building and developing a work experience offering that will benefit everyone involved – both organisations and young people.

Listen to the insights of Youth Employment UK Youth Ambassadors below, then visit the Work Experience Employer Guide for more tools and resources to ensure your work experience delivery makes a difference.

Meet George

Good work experience means… “giving you a set plan – a day by day guide of what you’re doing each day.”

Meet Ebony

Good work experience means… “employers giving better inductions, and giving us job tasks throughout the week so we’re learning more and getting more involved with the job.”

Meet Katie

Good work experience means… “employers should look into the person who’s doing the experience, going into the college course and what they’re doing, to help them connect it with the work experience.”

Meet Laurence

Good work experience means…“young people go to do work experience and feel like, no matter how inexperienced they are, they can always deliver some form of value.”

Meet Sam

Good work experience means…“valuable skills that you can convert into the workplace. People skills, employability skills, and even potentially part-time jobs at the end of it.”


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