Sagar: “Being a Youth Ambassador gives you a local and national platform”

Sagar Haria

Our Youth Ambassadors are a dynamic team of volunteers aged 16- 24 working together to help tackle some of the employment barriers young people face in the UK. Sagar tells us about his journey since joining us in January 2017.

You can also read more Youth Ambassador stories, and volunteer as a Youth Ambassador if you live in the UK and you’re aged 16-24!

Tell us a bit about you…

I have been a Youth Ambassador for Youth Employment UK since January 2017. Between March 2016 – December 2017 I was a member of Leicester City Young People’s Council and Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament.

I am passionate about increasing the number of young people in employment or education, and youth participation in decisions that affect them. Currently, I am a member of the Policy and Drafting Team for the Commonwealth Youth Forum 2018, which is a part of the Commonwealth Heads of  Government Meeting, and studying a Business Management degree at Pearson College London.

Why Did You Join Youth Employment UK As A Youth Ambassador?

I joined Youth Employment UK to be able to share my experiences and the experiences of the young people around me in relation to the labour market and education, in the hope that it would better inform employers, educational institutions and government decision making. Being a youth representative on an issue I care about that affects many young people is very rewarding, as you feel however small your contribution, you are helping to shape the future experiences of young people going into employment or education.

What Have You Been Involved In So Far?

Since joining Youth Employment UK I have attended meetings of the APPG on Youth Employment, participated in discussions relating to young people,s experiences in entering employment and the difficulties they have had, and have been able to ask questions to Ministers on what the yare doing to better improve the experiences of young people in education or in the labour market.

In September 2017 I had the opportunity to attend the Economic Forum in Poland and sit on a panel discussion on the future of the labour market, sharing my opinions on what was said.

How Has Being A Youth Ambassador Helped You?

Being a Youth Ambassador has certainly increased my confidence and has helped me understand my opinions are just as important as those of the adults in the room. Working with Youth Employment UK has given me excellent opportunities to be able to develop numerous skills, such as public speaking and knowledge of current affairs.

Would You Recommend Others To Become A Youth Ambassador? Why?

If you are interested and care about the youth labour market and education, want to share your own experiences, and represent the experiences and concerns of other young people, them being a Youth Ambassador is definitely for you. Being a Youth Ambassador gives you a platform at both a local and national level to be heard and supports your personal development.

Want To Know More About Being A Youth Ambassador?

Youth Ambassadors sign up to 10 – 15 hours of volunteering a month. In exchange we support them with opportunities to really make a difference, as well as ongoing training and support.

Volunteering focuses on 3 key areas of our work to support young people in their journey towards employment:

  1. Helping young people build their Young Professional skills and confidence through attending panels, events and conferences to help inform policy, as well as through optional creative work like blogging and vlogging
  2. Empowering  young people to share their experiences, barriers and challenges to employment
  3. Educating and supporting organisations to create more youth friendly opportunities for all young people

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For more information, please email or call 01536 513388.

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