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Youth unemployment has been a major problem in the UK since 2005 and earlier. Employers often say that young people don’t have the skills to move into employment or understand how to develop these skills. For young people it can be hard to build these skills if they’re not getting support from education or family.

In 2017 the Department for Work and Pensions committed to ensuring that all young jobseekers will be signposted to the Young Professional programme.

What is the Young Professional programme?

Young Professional is a free personal development programme for all 14-24 year olds in the UK. Young people register and, on successful completion of their initial training, can identify themselves as Young Professionals. The programme helps them to develop their skills and understanding of the world of work whilst also connecting them to our Youth Friendly Community Members, comprised of a wide range of employers and organisations.

Employability Skills and Developing Young Talent

The Youth Employment UK Young Professional programme creates a level playing field for all young people. Our Youth Employability Skills Review of 2017 demonstrates the need to support the development of life and work skills in young people, and acknowledges why a level playing field is essential to nourish young talent.

The Young Professional programme gives young people the opportunity to develop five key employability skills regardless of social background, education attainment or experience:

  1. Self-Management
  2. Self-Belief
  3. Communication
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Teamwork

Young Professionals may be in education, employment, training or even unemployed and looking for work. What they all have in common is that they have made a personal commitment to see themselves and develop their skills as a Young Professional.

As an employer you will be able to identify Youth Employment UK Young Professionals through their CV or LinkedIn profile. You can make an assumption that these young people have got something special about them, whatever their academic qualifications or experience might be.

How to become a Young Professional employer

Our Community Members who commit to being Youth Friendly are offering all Youth Employment UK Young Professionals guaranteed interviews where their applications meet the criteria. Are you going to join them?

As a Young Professional employer you can:

  • Recognise Young Professionals through your recruitment process to increase diversity and social inclusion
  • Encourage all young staff to become Young Professionals and invest in their skill development
  • When working with schools, colleges or other organisations support them to embed the free Young Professional programme into their work
  • Pledge to guarantee job interviews for Young Professionals where their applications meet the criteria

How to join

First, visit our employers and organisations section giving details on the range of opportunities and packages available.

Next, follow the process to become a Community Member.

You are welcome to contact us at to discuss any queries you may have about becoming a Young Professional employer. We look forward to hearing from you.

Show you commit to the 5 Youth Friendly principles

As a Young Professional employer, you can demonstrate commitment to five core principles:

creating opportunity
Creating opportunity
Commitment to providing diverse opportunities for young people to gain the skills and experiences they need for work and life.
fair employment
Fair employment
Commitment to removing barriers for young people to enter the workplace. Offering fair opportunities and rewards based on the role recruiting for and in accordance with the highest industry standards.
recognising talent
Recognising talent
Commitment to recruiting young people based on their ability, talent and potential. Understanding they are still developing and may have had limited work experience during full-time education.
developing young people
Developing young people
Commitment to training and supporting the development of young people, so they are motivated to take ownership and responsibility for their careers and they are equipped to progress.
youth voice
Youth voice
Commitment to listening to young people and to providing opportunities for their voice to be heard within a community or organisation.

Let's change the youth employment landscape together.

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