80 20 rule

Self Management Skills – Apply The 80/20 Rule To Everything You Do

The 80/20 rule is a piece of genius. It means that 80% of your success comes from 20% of your […]

don't eat the marshmallow

Self-management Video: Don’t eat the marshmallow… yet

Self-management challenge: would you eat one marshmallow straight away, or wait until you are given two as a reward for […]

Tim Urban TEDtalk

VIDEO: Do you keep putting things off? This TED Talk is for you!

Self-management challenge: do you put off until tomorrow what you could do today? Watching this TED Talk video could change […]

leadershp elephant

Everyday leadership

When we look at leaders we can often think of world leaders and change makers, they are often big ‘change […]

Improving your independence skills

We can often confuse being independent with being able to do exactly what we want without answering to anyone. Whilst […]

Learning from experience : reflection

For this young professional we are going to be focussing on your Self management skills. You might already know that […]

4 ways to be more independent in work or in school

This Young Professional challenge is all about improving your independence skills, growing your these skills forms part of your Self […]

To-do lists: Getting organised

Your organisation skills form part of your Self Management tool kit, teamed with initiative and accountability skills you have the […]

4 ways to grow your initiative

Initiative forms part of your Self Management toolkit, we have explored it before but if you missed it or want […]

Getting organised

There’s no denying it, being more organised saves us time, worry and makes us better at completing tasks(more productive you […]