Transport & Logistics Skills

What skills do you need to work in transport and logistics?

Transport and logistics is one of the biggest sectors in the entire world, with a host of very different types […]

identifying problems

Identifying and structuring problems

Some problems can seem obvious, they come and announce themselves with bells, whistles and screaming alarms! Often this very obvious […]

Problem solving Task 1

Problem Solving: Task 1

First up let’s recap some of the problem solving from your young professional test: You’ll remember that problem solving is […]

Numeracy : Learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable

“I can’t do Maths” Think you just can’t do maths? It just isn’t in your genes? Check out Mike Ellicock; […]

Free training with Google

Kickstart your career with a digital certification. Googles free online courses will guide you through everything from search engines, to social […]

social media hashtag

5 Tips To Avoid Social Media Information Overload

How can you use your self-management skills as a Young Professional to stay on top of social media without getting […]