problem solving exercise walk

Problem Solving Exercise – Walk Your Own Path!

Everyone solves problems in a different way. Prove it to yourself… by taking a walk. Problem solving is a Young […]

problem solving community issues

Problem Solving Exercise: Community Spirit

At some point in life you might be involved with a community project like volunteering or a work charity day. […]


Brainstorming solutions

Sometimes problems are a nice thing to have, like when you’re thinking of what kind of treat to give yourself! […]

How to improve your problem solving skills

This Young Professional Challenge focuses on what you can do to improve your problem skills. This article will look at […]

Showing off your problem solving skills on your CV

We’ve looked at problem solving in some detail already, we’ve explored what they are, the tools that can help you […]

Problem solving tools

When you’ve got a problem to solve or a big decision to make it can be hard to know where […]

problem solving jigsaw

Build your Problem Solving Skills for Job Interviews with the IDEAL Quiz

Learn how to see your problem solving skills with the IDEAL tool… and talk about these skills at job interviews! […]

What to do when a problem has you stumped!

In previous posts we have covered the basics of problem solving, how you can identify and solve problems AND how […]

How to manage conflict in a team – Do’s and Don’ts

Managing conflict in a team – in work, college or your friendship group – means learning how to work with […]

impossible interview questions

How would you answer these ‘impossible’ interview questions?

What do you do if you get an impossible question to answer in a job interview? Stay positive and see […]