What Professionalism Means to Me – Lauren Evans

lauren-evansWe spoke to writer Lauren Evans about her perceptions of the term ‘young professional’ and what it means to her.

Hi Lauren, great to speak to you! First things first, what does the term Young Professional mean to you?

It means someone who has ambition to climb a ladder of some sort, or to reach their own career goal. It’s someone who knows work etiquette, knows how to be polite, and knows how to tick off a to-do list (or seven). It’s someone who is trying to reach somewhere in their careers, even if they are not entirely sure if they are doing it right or whether it is right for them.


That’s a great definition. Do you class yourself as a Young Professional?

Yes and no! I’m freelancing at the moment, but would really like to get into the charity sector to help others, as well as write for a magazine (and get paid!)

Best of luck! What do you think is the most important element of being professional?

To be professional you must be on your best behaviour with your goals in mind. Instead of sitting at the back of the bus having a laugh, you’re sitting near the front, trying to learn from the teachers, even if only through observation. It’s a very formal thing to be.

Lauren stressed the importance of being yourself when striving to be a Young Professional;

I would always say to people that you have to give employers (and general people) an impression of yourself – who you actually are. Cut some of the jargon you think they want to hear and be yourself a bit. I’ve had praise in the past from my CV’s showing off my personality and not just where I have worked. An employer really wants to see if someone can fit in well with their team, and they’ll only know that if you show them a piece of who you are!

To see more of Lauren check out her blog here!

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