Problem Solving Exercise – Walk Your Own Path!

problem solving exercise walk

Everyone solves problems in a different way. Prove it to yourself… by taking a walk.

Problem solving is a Young Professional skill that’s all about using logic and common sense to deal with a challenge in life. We solve problems by breaking big issues into little issues. It will get you far in life… but it’s like a muscle you have to train!

Quick problem solving challenge: Take a walk!

How it works: Try this exercise right now. Wherever you start from, follow the six instructions below and see where you end up, and how you solved any problems with following the instructions on the way. In this exercise, you will literally work on your street smarts!

  1. Head out the main door of the nearest building to you.
  2. Turn right.
  3. Take first right.
  4. Take first left.
  5. Take second left.
  6. Return to the building you started from by the quickest route.

How does this challenge help you in life and work?

Robots can only do exactly what they’re told. As people, we use our judgement and common sense to make choices! Maybe you weren’t in a building when you started this exercise, and had to choose which building to leave from. Maybe all the roads are so far apart where you live that you had to get a parent or carer to drive you. Maybe you could see that the first route on your right led into an alleyway with grim-smelling dustbins and decided to take the next route instead. Who knows?

Everyone who does this exercise will have a slightly different way of solving the problem to end back where they started. The same is true of many real-life problems, too. Your way can always be the right way if you ended up where you wanted to go.

TIP: Try this exercise with a friend to try out your teamwork skills as an added bonus 🙂

See more on Youth Employment UK about problem solving skills.

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