3 Things we learnt about Young Professional skills from the GBBO final

We are big fans of baking, cakes and the magic of the GBBO tent. Hobbies are a great way to practise your skills and the final taught us three very important lessons we can use in study or work.

Good management means you don’t need good luck

Alice’s parents always taught her to prepare well. Being prepared with the physical things you need and practising before hand can make you more confident. If a case of the wobbles gets you, you should find it easier to get back on track.

Top tip: Take 5 minutes at the start of a new task or before a meeting and ask yourself what you need and what you are hoping the outcome to be. Managing yourself and being ready with all the materials and questions you might have means the meeting will run smoother and you might just impress your colleague too!

Resilience means you never give up

David was the underdog going into the final. No star baker accolades, no Hollywood handshakes and a tendency to over flavour. What David had been doing each week was taking feedback on board, listening, learning and putting it into one showstopping, bake off winning masterpiece.

Top tip: Accepting feedback can be hard but it really is the thing that can take you from good to great in work and everyday life.

The journey is as important as the destination

We couldn’t not feel for Steph. Having suffered with confidence from the start, she’d been getting through with a nervous look and (usually) star baker status. The final wasn’t for Steph. Things went wrong, nerves took over and her usual bakes were nowhere to be seen. Whilst nerves might have scuppered the big moment, the journey, learning and skills developed throughout the competition made a big impact. Recognising the skills you are learning and being able to reflect on them and use them in other parts of your life is the real winner here.

Top tip: Resilience is a key skill but one of the hardest to learn. You have to suffer setbacks to learn it, and no-one enjoys that process. Visit our self belief skills zone and you’ll find some top tips to help you when things go wrong.

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