YEUK Launches the Youth Friendly Charter

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YEUK Launches the Youth Friendly Charter

At AELP 2020 Vision Conference

Press Release
Embargoed until 12pm on the 19/02/2015

Youth Employment UK CIC will launch the Youth Friendly Charter at the AELP 2020 Vision YEUK_badge-FINAL_RGBConference today. The Charter replaces the national Youth Friendly Badge scheme.

Youth unemployment remains a real challenge in the UK.  Currently each political party is setting out its stall for how it will tackle this issue if elected.  The Conservatives want to grow the number of apprenticeships and enforce community work for young people on benefits.  For Labour, it’s a Job Guarantee scheme and more apprenticeship placements.

What is unclear is where these opportunities will come from be that apprenticeships or community/work experience placements and what sort of quality they will be.  There is a real appetite amongst large employers to support young people into work, but there is still much to be done to encourage Medium, Small and Micro businesses to take on young people.  It is easy to understand why that is, it can be both costly and time consuming to offer opportunities to young people and money and time are two things scarce in many businesses.

The Youth Friendly Charter is free to any organisation in the UK.  It streamlines the process of the Youth Friendly Badge Scheme, removing the formal process and replacing it with a set of aspirational and fundamental principles. This makes it easier for organisations to get involved and aspire to good youth engagement practice.

Laura-Jane Rawlings Founder and CEO of YEUK said “We have to create more opportunities for young people to develop the skills they need for work and create more opportunities for work.  That ambition of the party leaders is supported by YEUK.  But young people also need quality opportunities and businesses small or large sometimes need support to understand how they can help young people.

We cannot assume that employers are just going to create these good quality opportunities without some support.  The Youth Friendly Charter is built on our core principles of good youth engagement.  Organisations who sign up to the Charter committing to aspire to these principles will receive further support in understanding how they can be applied within their organisation.

By committing to the Youth Charter, businesses are growing the next generation AND boosting UK plc. YEUK believes these are the right things to do for young people and business growth.”

All organisations who sign up to the Youth Friendly Charter can download the Charter and Youth Friendly Badge for their own use, are listed on our Youth Friendly organisation database that will go live to our young members and will be able to contribute case studies and best practice to be shared within the network of organisations.

The Youth Friendly Charter can be found at where organisations can also find out about the benefits of becoming a YEUK member.  YEUK is a not-for-profit organisation that is solely funded by member and sponsorship support.  YEUK represents more than 10,000 young people, employers, educators and youth organisations.

Members and supporters of YEUK have already pledged their support to the Youth Friendly Charter –

Stewart Segal, CEO, AELP – “We are delighted to support the launch of the Youth Employment UK Youth Friendly Charter.  Most businesses in the UK recognise the role they can play in providing young people opportunities to develop their work skills and to develop their careers.  This makes real business sense and we hope all our providers adopt the charter and encourage as many employers as possible to support this exciting initiative.  We look forward to working with YEUK following the launch at our conference on 19th February 2016.”

Mita Desai Chair of the British Youth Council – “The British Youth Council calls on employers to sign up and put into practice the principles of the Youth Friendly Charter. At the British Youth Council – all of the elected Board and Membership are aged 25 and under and our aim is to promote youth participation in society, including Boards, and employers feedback panels, as well as the community at large.  So it is easy for us to support this charter – especially the principle of providing opportunities for young employees to be heard.”

Jim Carrick-Birtwell, CEO, Plotr – “As an advanced economy in changing times it’s essential that the UK creates an efficient employment marketplace. That means harnessing the skills of everyone, including the next generation of the workforce. To create a system that truly works we have to solve problems that exist, and listening to the views of young people, and then learning from them about their aspirations, as well as barriers that exist is fundamental. This Youth Friendly Charter is a simple and sensible framework to help guide all stakeholders in this process, and is an important building block in the youth employment market. We should all adopt its principles.”

David Shindler, Founder, Learning to Leap – “We encourage all our clients to be the best youth friendly employers they can be. We believe the current high level of youth unemployment is unacceptable. We CAN reduce it by a critical mass of individuals and organisations taking purposeful action to create the momentum for real and lasting change.”

Simon Reichwald, CEO, Bright Futures – “Bright Futures have been an avid supporter of YEUK since inception. Supporting young people to find their place in the right career for them does not just help them individuals, it is critical to the future success of every organisation in the UK to have that pipeline of talent. We are delighted to support YEUK in their hugely important work”.

Heather Carter, Director, National Sales Academy – “At the National Sales Academy we’re passionate about supporting young people to “find real jobs and careers” working closely with young people and like-minded employers who have that magic ingredient – they have the heart of their people at the forefront of their business. We wholeheartedly support YEUK’s fresh approach to tackling youth unemployment.   It is so important that young people feel valued and also that there are real opportunities for them to build a great career and feel that they have a bright future ahead of them.  We’ve been supporting and working with YEUK for some time now and really applaud their commitment and engaging techniques for championing this important issue and we will continue to help them however we can.”

In addition existing members of the Youth Friendly Badge have also signed up to the new Charter including:

  • Fair Train
  • SSG Services
  • Young People Collective
  • Talent Match Staffordshire

For the editors –

To find out more about YEUK and the Youth Friendly Charter please visit or contact 0844 414 3101

For direct quotes from Laura-Jane Rawlings please email

The Youth Friendly Charter is made up of the following principles –

  • Youth Voice
  • Creating Opportunity
  • Recognising Talent
  • Fair Employment
  • Developing People

For more information, please email or call 01536 513388.

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