WEBINAR: Become a Disability Confident Employer with St. James’s Place

Watch this free webinar with Youth Friendly Employer St. James’s Place Wealth Management as they share their approach to becoming a Disability Confident Employer.

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There are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK. 8% of children are disabled, and 19% of working age adults are disabled. With around 1 in 5 working adults being disabled, it’s vital for employers to ask themselves the following big questions:

  • What commitment has the business made to being a disability confident employer, where did this decision come from and how embedded is it to the culture of hiring?
  • What steps have you taken to understand the needs of both the business and candidates applying?
  • What do you consider to be reasonable adjustments and what has this looked like in practice?
  • What benefits have you seen?
  • What have been your key learnings, what would you improve, change, do more of?
  • What are your future plans in this area?

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