Should universities lower entry grades for disadvantaged young people?

You might have seen the news this week that Bristol University would be lowering entry grades fro students from disadvantaged backgrounds, our Youth Ambassador Meg Kneafsey gives her opinion on this  

Should universities lower entry grades for disadvantaged young people?

“The University of Bristol recently announced that it is to accept lower exam grades from disadvantaged local pupils and applicants from schools with poor A-level results. The news has been greeted with mixed opinions including from those the policy is meant to benefit. Some feel that this is unnecessary, disadvantages those who have worked hard for their grades, and does not address the route of the issue. However, I personally could not be more supportive of this move.

Unfortunately, we are very much a divided society. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to receive top grades. This can be because their school lacked resources, their home life was disruptive, or their community had little in terms of opportunities. Whatever the reasons, which should be a priority for our government to tackle, the statistics shown that an individual’s upbringing shapes their academic results. This is one of the reasons that top universities such as Bristol have such a low intake of state school students and particularly the lowest performing state schools.

If we want to truly commit to social mobility, it begins with schemes like these. We need to have more universities that assess and unleash the potential of those who were least advantaged growing up”.

What do you think? Do you think that the rising  cost of University will impact the success? Do you think it is fair on other students? What is the impact for those students that do not fit the in ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘advantaged’ box?




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