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Name: Julie Gould


Company name: International Financial Data Services (IFDS Group)


Position referring to: Apprentice and Senior Associate Roles within Call Centre & Back Office in Scotland and Essex

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What makes a CV go into the “yes” pile?

  • A well set out CV automatically makes it engaging and appealing
  • Time and effort spent using more than just a blank word document and Arial font.
  • An opening paragraph that sells the applicant  (even if you don’t have all of the work experience we are looking for, think about the transferable skills and experience you do have and how this would benefit the role you are applying to)
  • A CV that is clear & concise
  • Good spelling and grammar
  • Not overly wordy so you lose the momentum as you are going through.
  • Documenting specific months/years for past employment (as a financial services company we also need this information for pre-employment screening checks)
  • An up-to-date CV – a CV only updated to 2014 just doesn’t work for us!


What personal qualities do you look for in a candidate?

  • Someone passionate about getting the job and working for IFDS.
  • Someone that can engage in a telephone conversation and elaborate on past experience with conviction (it doesn’t matter if you are nervous, this shows it means something to you and it’s our job to make you feel comfortable!)
  • Speaking up if you don’t understand what’s being explained.
  • Ability to listen and take on board what we are saying.
  • Ask questions – its shows you are interested and have read up on the job/company.
  • When emailing – checking spelling/grammar in your responses and how you set the email out.  Make sure its addressed to the receiver and signed off by the sender – not just one word/one line ‘I haven’t got the time for this’ answers.
  • Ability to listen and take on board what you are saying.


What wows you in an interview?

  • Eye contact and holding a conversation.
  • Someone who has researched the company/job and can name a few facts – even better come in with notes and pre-prepared questions!
  • Dressing smartly
  • Being polite and good mannered
  • Correct body language – no elbows and slouching.
  • Holding 100% concentration and not drifting off.
  • Someone who thinks outside of the box.


What experience or skills does someone need when applying for a job at your company?


  • Customer service experience in a similar environment preferred but not essential (Likewise some experience in Financial Services helps – but isn’t 100% essential!)
  • Basic administration skills
  • Good communication
  • A real team player
  • Being able to follow set processes and procedures
  • Proactive – If you’ve finished your work, ask if there’s anything else to be done!
  • Being flexible – sometimes our business requires overtime at short notice


What are the different routes into your company?

  • Apprenticeships
  • Under-Graduate Summer Internship schemes
  • Graduate Scheme
  • Competent hires
  • Learn more at:


We look forward to hearing from you!


Tell us something we don’t know about what it’s like to work at your company!

We at IFDS are very proud of the charity work we do and this year (for the ninth year running) we are again one of the UK’s official ‘Children in Need’ call centres! Our employees are invited to volunteer on the night and ‘do their bit’ whilst having a whole lot of fun with Pudsey and co!





For more information, please email or call 01536 513388.

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