The uneven impact of Covid-19 on the lowest paid workers in London

In a recent briefing paper, The Learning and Work Institute have found that low paid workers in London are more likely to be women, young people, migrants, black, Asian or other ethnic minority groups.

The research was launched with Trust for London, aimed to examine the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on low paid workers in London, with a report with recommendations for policy makers is due to be released later in the summer. You can access the paper

Key Findings

Of low paid workers in London 88% are young people, 83% are women, 56% have lower qualifications, 45% are migrants, 17% are Asian and 16% black, 13% were other ethnic minority groups.

33% of low paid workers worked in shutdown sectors, the hardest hit by lockdown -black, Asian and women were more likely to work in these roles.

Only 19% of other workers experienced a reduction in income, compared to 33% of low paid workers. 39% of low paid workers are currently concerned about their finances.

17% of low paid workers had used universal credit or foodbanks to assist them through lockdown

42% of low paid workers are concerned about losing their jobs.

The demographics of Londoners by pay. Learning and Work Institute analysis of Understanding Society and Labour Force Survey

Our View

We are keen to keep understanding how young people are being impacted by Covid-19 and watch eagerly as the full analysis emerges.

These initial findings show how young people are disproportionately more likely to be in low paid jobs in London. A reduction in income can be catastrophic for young people without a support network and already living on a tight budget.  It is vital that young people are supported through this challenging time and know the resources and support available to them. We have been working as a co-founder of the Youth Employment Group to pull together collaborative recommendations for government departments to support young people impacted in the crises.

Later this month we will also be launching our Good Youth Employment Charter detailing and showcasing Youth Friendly Employers.

For more information, please email or call 01536 513388.

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