Results Day 2020 Information for GCSE, BTEC & A Level Students

GCSE and A Level students – here’s what you need to know about Results Day 2020 when things have been disrupted through lockdown.

This year has been challenging for those who were due to take their exams. Things are being worked out, but you might be experiencing a lot of uncertainty on your next steps.

Results Day 2020 – see all student information

A-level Results Day 2020 GCSE Results Day 2020 BTEC Results Day 2020

It’s been announced that GCSE and A Level results days in 2020 will remain the same this year for students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you are expecting your GCSE results you will be able to get them on the 20th August as planned.

A level results will be available on 13th August.

How will I be graded?


Exam boards will be getting assessments from teachers based on their judgements, coursework, essays, homework, mocks and previous exams. Teachers will also be asked to put students in order of expected achievement within each predicted grade band, this will used to moderate grades across the country.

If you think you would have done better in an exam, there is the promise of another exam that can be taken in the autumn or re-sitting exams in the summer of 2021.


Grades will be estimated by teachers as well as being listed into grade bands. Coursework which has already been submitted by pupils will not count towards results.


Teachers will estimating grades, but there will not be an extra exam in the autumn.

Northern Ireland

Grades will be awarded with a mix of  prior achievements, internal assessments, predicted grades, analysis and modelling of existing data trends to provide the necessary assurance about the robustness, accuracy and fairness of the results.

Vocational and Technical Qualifications

It is likely that most technical and vocational qualifications will be assessed in a similar way to the plan for GCSE and A Levels, with a mixture of coursework, assessment scores and any previous exams. The range of subjects means that there is still some work to be carried out to confirm exactly how each individual qualification will be marked, but the aim is for it to be fair and transparent for all. The date for when these grades will be released hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s hoped that it will be around the same time as GCSE and A Level results are revealed.

What about going to University?

Right now things aren’t clear. You may or may not have already received conditional or unconditional offers and you may be wondering if these still stand (if you haven’t, please don’t worry as universities have been asked to stop sending them out for now). More answers will come in the next couple of weeks. Everybody is in the same boat as you, so try not to panic.

You can be planning the things you’ll need when you do have clarity about your next step. Make lists of the things you’ll need to study and what you will need if you are moving away from home. Shopping might be tricky right now, but having the lists prepared and online window shopping is allowed 🙂

What can you do while you are waiting for Results Day 2020?

Stay safe: It can feel like your future is in the balance but it is really important that your priority is staying safe in line with government and health guidelines. FDon’t let negative thoughts about your future fester. Lots of people are working very hard to ensure you still get the best chances.

Keep in touch: Your old teachers will not be able to tell you your grades or what they will be submitting but you can keep in touch with your head of sixth form or college about what the possibilities are. If you have been accepted on an apprenticeship or next step, stay in touch with them.

Keep your work: For now it is wise to keep your work, revision notes and coursework etc. It might be useful if you do want to retake an exam or it might be useful for your next steps anyway.

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