7 Reasons to do a dental nursing apprenticeship with award-winning Aspiration Training

Are you looking for a healthcare career specialising in dental practice and not sure how to get started? The Level 3 Dental Nursing Apprenticeship from Aspiration Training could be just what you need.

When you do a dental nursing apprenticeship, you have a much better chance of being snapped up by local employers and being given work with a rewarding salary, further training and a solid dental nursing career path. Here are 10 reasons to smile and flash your pearly whites when you see what you could get with a dental nursing apprenticeship with Aspiration Training…

1. Get top-notch dental nursing skills and experience

When you do a dental nursing apprenticeship, you’ll be learning and training in a real-life work environment. That means that when you finish your apprenticeship you’ll have the knowledge and practical skills to shine in your role, as well as an impressive salaried role to add to your CV.

When you’re looking for employment, employers will be impressed that you have both a qualification AND years of experience. That will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Get a salary on top of your training and qualifications

When you take on a dental nursing apprenticeship with an employer through Aspiration Training you’ll earn a salary (how much you get is based on the discretion of your employer) on top of training in a real work environment and industry standard qualifications to help you succeed in your dental nursing career.

3. Get award-winning mentoring with Aspiration Training

When you begin your dental nursing apprenticeship you might feel like it’s all very new. Aspiration Training were named SME Employer of the Year England Nationwide Health care Providers in 2018 and as well as guidance and mentoring from your colleagues and manager, you get a course mentor that looks out for you who you can ask about anything at all. We are there to take care of you and help you do and feel your best!

4. Get a professional qualification

When you do a Level 3 dental nursing apprenticeship with Aspiration Training, you get:

  • Competence and knowledge qualification – Level 3 diploma in dental nursing
  • Level 2 functional skills maths
  • Level 2 functional skills English

This looks great on your CV and gives you the knowledge and skills you need in dental nursing, providing support in a range of dental treatments.

5. Overtake graduates in job hunting

Graduates spend several years studying but won’t get the same level of real-life employment experience you do. You’ll learn tonnes of skills in real-life situations on the job. This confidence in your skills comes from putting them into practice. A dental nursing apprenticeship gives you qualifications AND experience. It’s just what employers are looking for.

6. Aged 16-19? Doing a dental nursing apprenticeship is FREE.

When you do a dental nursing apprenticeship with Aspiration Training, if you are aged 16-19 you don’t have to pay a penny because it’s funded by the government. That means you’re getting a salary AND a qualification. For free.

7. Network with employers and stand out from day 1

Because you are earning and learning in a real-life environment, you are already building connections with the employer giving you the dental nursing apprenticeship. When you are job hunting it can sometimes feel hard to show employers in job interviews that you would be perfect if they gave you a chance. With an apprenticeship, you already have your foot in the door. The employer can see you are an asset to the team and is likely to offer you full-time employment with increased salary and responsibilities once you complete the apprenticeship.

See why we were made SME Employer of the Year England Nationwide Health care Providers…

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