What Works in Work Experience from a Youth Friendly Employer Award Holder : OneAIM

OneAIM, a joint venture between Interserve and Wood, is responsible for delivering the Operations Site Works framework for Sellafield Ltd. As part of our youth led project exploring work experience, our Youth Ambassador Laurence interviewed OneAim to find out more about their best practise.

OneAIM understand the impact that work experience has on young people, understanding that it provides a first opportunity to understand the world of work and the different careers that exists, that it can break down stereotypes and misconceptions, build skills and confidence in young people.

As the world of work changes at a rapid rate with the development of AI and other technology it is impossible to understand how work will really change. Education Institutes, Career Advisers and Parents all play a key role in supporting young people to make career choices but could never be expected to have all of the information young people need. Learning key transferable skills, gaining experience and building networks is a key to smoothing the transition and decision points for young people.

OneAIM’s work experience programme is designed to support all participants to gain an insight and understanding of all the business areas it operates. OneAIM works closely with the school (or other provider) to look at the students programme of study and ensure the work experience opportunity provides some hands-on experience to their theory based learning.

Work experience participants are supported to develop the key skills needed for the world of work. The work experience programme allows for participants to engage with Youth Employment UK’s Young Professional Training so that they can develop core skills such as – Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Self-Belief and Self Management during their time on programme and receive the ongoing Young Professional skills and career support beyond the work experience opportunity.

Young staff members such as apprentices and graduates have a key role to play in delivering the student work experience programme. Young staff are responsible for some of the programme delivery and for mentoring and supporting work experience participants.

At the end of the programme participants get feedback and a reference which aims to support them in their next steps of looking for work. At this stage participants are also encouraged to feedback on their experience and their feedback is used to develop the work experience programme further.

For more information, please email info@youthemployment.org.uk or call 01536 513388.

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