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Experience Works, developed and delivered by Groundwork Greater Nottingham,  provides employers with a streamlined youth friendly recruitment solution. A collaboration with the national schemes: Movement to Work (MtW), Youth Employment UK and Talent Match Mark it supports businesses with a streamlined youth friendly recruitment solution.

The following video explores how Experience Works has worked for Nicholas and Eon:

The video showcases how work experience is a massive advantage for those that are starting to look at their careers. It is their chance to experience an employer, get to know them and how they work

We hear from a current apprentice, Nicholas. Nicholas talks about the barriers he faced including caring for siblings and a lack of experience in the sector and couldn’t see why Eon would want him.
According to Eon young people often aren’t sure they have the skills or see why Eon would want them but they really do. Working with Apprentices helps to bring in new ideas in to the business and allows current staff to not just transfer their skills but also develop new line management and mentoring skills.

Benefits of Experience Works:


Experience Works provides an alternative recruitment and selection process, which is free, ethical and effective. Engagement with Experience Works can enable you to:

  • assess applicants’ employability based on their competence, aptitude and attitude
  • exceed your CSR Policies and Objectives
  • exceed your Social Mobility Policies and Objectives
  • exceed your Equality and Diversity Policies and Objectives
  • satisfy contractual and procurement Social Obligations
  • implement youth friendly recruitment and employment practices
  • attract young people into your business and address skills gaps
  • gain accredited recognition as a Youth Friendly Employer
  • connect with local and national employers through our membership networks

For Participants, Experience Works offers the opportunity to:

  • gain meaningful work experience linked to real employment opportunities
  • demonstrate your ability and work readiness
  • explore different career options and learn new skills
  • get into the routine of working on a daily basis
  • apply for jobs through your performance on you work experience placement
  • make sure that you can and want to do the job you are applying for
  • continue to claim your benefits
  • improve your confidence and prove to yourself that you can do a job

Next Steps:

  • Use your dashboard to explore more of our Youth Friendly Principles
  • Find out more about the Talent Match Mark and how you can be recognised for your youth friendly work
  • Visit our Careers Hub and find out how you can inspire young people in to the world of work
  • Find out more about Experience Works

For more information, please email info@youthemployment.org.uk or call 01536 513388.

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