Negative media of youth unemployment, lets change that!

Georgie Grace Grainger who is 23 from Stockwell, South West London took part in in an interview this month to tell YEUK about the project she is bringing together to address negative media about youth un/employment. G

One of the biggest issues currently effecting young people in our society is unemployment.  Jobs seem to be few and far between and you need to have massive amounts of experience to get into the role that you wish to work in. Because of this many young people are signing on and are not being given the help they need from the JCP. I have met many young people who sign on and each individual has a different story to tell.

For many of them there is high frustration they are worn down by the system.  UK’s young people are being stereotyped as being lazy and good for nothing. I propose to document and uncover the truth about the UK’s young people through film and photography with the notion of breaking these stereotypes.

Being unemployed can be a frustrating experience spending hours searching and applying for jobs online and waiting for replies.  Many unemployed people end up spending a lot of time alone at home and isolated. However there are options out there to keep young people active while learning new skills. One way is volunteering. I plan to approach different organizations that offer volunteering and gain access and document what they do.

I hope by doing this I will be promoting volunteering in a positive light while showing young people that there are different options out there for them. No – you won’t be earning money – but you will be learning key skills that could help you to gain work in the future as well as meeting different people from all walks of life while giving something back to the community.

I hope that by doing this project more young people will start volunteering and also feel as though they can speak out about issues that they have with the system and the society that they live in.

This project was funded by O2ThinkBig, if you have a project you would love to become a reality you too could get support advice and funding of £300 from O2ThinkBig! index




















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