Kickstart Changes : General FAQ’s

The Government announced changes to the Kickstart scheme, the Department for Work and Pensions have shared their guidance on the changes and tackled some of the frequently asked questions.

What are the changes announced to Kickstart?

  • From 3 February, employers will be able to apply to the Kickstart Scheme without a minimum threshold of 30 jobs.
  • Applications from new gateways will close after 23:59 on 27 January.

Why is the Kickstart process being changed?

  • Feedback from employers that the 30 minimum jobs requirement for a direct application to the Kickstart Scheme was a barrier for some.
  • Employers of all sizes will now have a choice whether to apply directly to DWP or do so with the support of one of  the gateways.
  • By removing this, the DWP hope to encourage many more employers to come forward to apply for Kickstart jobs.
  • Gateways are proving valuable in bringing in jobs from a wide range of sectors and from a broad geographical coverage, often due to their knowledge of their local areas. There is now a good number of gateways, many offering strong support to young people as well as employers.

When will these changes to Kickstart come in to play?

  • Anyone planning to make a new application to be a gateway will need to submit their application by 23:59 on 27 January
  • From 3 February employers will have a choice about how they become involved in the scheme with any number of jobs:
    • they will be able to apply directly,
    • or they can apply via one of our many gateways

I am an employer already represented by a gateway, what do I need to do?

  • Nothing. These changes will not impact existing gateways or the employers that work with them.

If we signed up gateway before these changes can we now become independent from it?

  • DWP would strongly encourage employers to remain with their existing gateway and abide by the terms of the grant agreement in place – you will also need to consider any legal agreement you may have signed with your gateway.
  • Employers are able to make a new application in addition to – and independent of – the one they have with their gateway.

FAQ’s for employers considering Kickstart as an opportunity can be found here

FAQ’s for Gateways can be found here

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