Job Searching in a changing world

You might have been looking for a job for sometime now and beginning to think about what you are going to do next. Where ever you are in your journey, here are some tips and ideas that could make the difference!


Know who you are – by this I mean are you able to articulate to an audience in a few sentences, the type of Sector you want to work in, the role you would like and the skills you have to offer and why you think they are relevant to the job? – if you can’t answer these questions you might want to spend some time thinking about how you will answer them in an interview


Know what you are doing– finding yourself a job should be treated as a job of its own. It is really important to use your time well. It can be soul destroying sitting in front of your laptop all day sending out applications and then waiting only to get no response.  A way to help is to set yourself some objectives (SMART ones! Google it) and draw up a timetable for your week. i.e. four targeted applications, speak to three new contacts who can help me, write a blog article about finding work in the sector I would like to work in; this will demonstrate that you are making progress.

Spreed sheet

Get organised – rather than just cruise around from job site to job site hoping something catches your eye that you can apply for. Set up a job search spreadsheet with the .urls of company websites, record when you go on to them, the jobs you find, add a sheet that tracks our applications and records when you speak to people and any following up that is necessary. Measure this against the objectives you set yourself for the week.


Use Social Media – Nearly every company today has a presence in the world of social media, Twitter, company Facebook pages etc. follow and like these pages, often it is the first way employers will let the public know about what is happening in their organisations. Tweeting and retweeting interesting articles about companies can really get you noticed as well.


Don’t lose hope – it can be a tough and sometimes lonely process finding, applying for and being selected for a job so it is important to be kind to yourself and not to judge yourself harshly  remember all of this work will pay off. Make sure you plan time into your schedule of exercise or getting outside in the fresh air and also to talk with people. Remember you are not alone meet up with other people you know are job hunting share tips and support each other.

Good Luck and keep smiling Bright Track


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