How to become a childcare assistant with Aspiration Training – see Darci’s story

Darci Childcare Assistant

School leaver Darci did a childcare traineeship with Aspiration Training and is now an apprentice childcare assistant – as well as Traineeship Learner of the Year! See her story and pick up tips for your own childcare career journey.

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Things were tough for Darci, but when she took on a childcare traineeship with Aspiration Training she grew loads of confidence in her skills – and in herself as a person, too. The traineeship helped her turn things around. She spread her wings, and was soon ready to apply for a childcare apprenticeship. She’s now an apprentice childcare assistant and loving it!

Aspiration Training childcare traineeships and apprenticeships can get you qualified and get you earning and learning on your own personal career journey.

They also help you discover 3 important things about yourself:

  • What you’re capable of
  • Where your career can go
  • How the things you’ve learned and the tools you’ve been given can make a difference.

To find out more about Darci’s story and Aspiration Training childcare traineeships and apprenticeships, read on!

Darci looks back on why she liked her childcare traineeship with Aspiration Training:

Darci - Aspiration Training


The traineeship was a lot of fun. It was a very relaxed experience. It was the right environment to learn in, basically. I thought it would be a lot more complicated when I started, but everyone on the traineeship team was very laidback, very supportive.

Darci - Aspiration Training


If some days I couldn’t come in – which was rare – they’d understand that completely. Everyone on the traineeship team was very understanding.

Darci - Aspiration Training

Confidence building

I was a very anxious person, and sometimes you think that you’re not right for something… but you have to keep doing what you want, because otherwise you’re going to prove yourself right!

At first I was shocked about the award (Traineeship Learner of the Year) and thought I didn’t deserve it… but I think I’m allowed to be proud of myself for once in my life!

When you do a childcare traineeship or apprenticeship with Aspiration Training, your trainers and tutors have got your back.

Darci’s team leader, trainer and tutor were all rooting for her. They were so happy to see her progress and develop her skills and confidence. They were there for her every step of the way.

As a youth friendly training provider, Aspiration Training will be there for you on every step of your own personal journey, too.

Aspiration Training - Shaheen

Shaheen Dar, Vocational Trainer:

“When I first met Darci she was very quiet, very shy and didn’t have any self-belief. But gradually she made amazing progress. I do believe that if she hadn’t been through the traineeship she may not have had that self-confidence.”

Aspiration Training Ciaran

Ciaran Doyle, Traineeship Team Leader:

“Darci came to us on her traineeship module which has made a huge impact on her life both personally and professionally. It’s quite an inspirational story given the personal barriers that Darci had to overcome. She completed the course with 100% commitment, very punctual, with a great attitude towards her work, her peers and her tutor. Not only that, she went on to complete a very successful work placement, which has led to an apprenticeship which she’s working through at quite some speed and is doing very, very positively.”

Aspiration training tutor - Danielle

Danielle Green, Traineeship Tutor:

“When I first worked with Darci in the training centre it was fantastic to see Darci become more confident and outgoing. It was fantastic to see Darci start to hit her goals as she went through her placement.

And when she got the news she got the apprenticeship, it was absolutely brilliant news – I was so pleased for her.”

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How to become a childcare assistant with an Aspiration Training apprenticeship

Aspiration Training work with all kinds of settings to provide childcare training placements and opportunities:

  • Early learning centre
  • Pre-school, nursery or crèche
  • Social care setting with children aged 0-19 years
  • Youth/community setting.

There is a range of childcare apprenticeships to match your level:

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