Hospitality and Catering Careers – 5 reasons to dive straight in

Open your eyes to a bright future in hospitality and catering. Creativity? Check. Fast-track promotion and earning potential? Check. Opportunities for ambitious school leavers? Check.

1. Fast-track promotions are a thing. Even for school leavers.

The hospitality and catering industry is great for those with management ambitions. It’s well-known for giving opportunities and roles of greater responsibility to in-house staff.

The likes of hotels and restaurants are made up of teams, and every team needs a leader. There are teams working in the kitchen and teams working front-of-house with the public. You can move into management relatively quickly in the field of hospitality and catering work you most enjoy.

An example: Daniela Gattegno tells The Staff Canteen> how she went on her first-ever cookery course in 2011, and loved it so much she went on to train up and achieve the position of head chef at Jacob the Angel by 2017.

In addition, you can get promoted even higher up the food chain (sorry) when you work for large food and drink franchises with numerous outlets. You then have the chance to become a regional manager. 

2. Apprenticeships (and degree apprenticeships) have got your back.

If you’re over 16 and eligible to work in the UK, there are so many hospitality and catering apprenticeships out there. They’ll help you train up and get a nationally-recognised qualification while earning a salary.

Whether you want to work in business and management, food production and catering, health and safety or food technology, you can find an apprenticeship that suits your level and could lead to a big future ahead of you.

You also have the opportunity to take on a degree apprenticeship, where an employer will pay for your catering and hospitality-related degree as part of a structured programme where you work and get that all-important experience (and a salary) at the same time.

Speaking of which…

3. Hospitality and catering is a career with a future.

There’s a preconception floating around that hospitality and catering is great for temporary work, summer work and ‘starter’ jobs – but there’s no future in it.

If that’s the case, why is there such a healthy range of degrees available related to the sector?

And why are 95% of hospitality and catering graduates employed?

Doing a hospitality and catering degree can help to fast-track you to management, while making your CV look as appetizing as a Michelin five-starred menu.

In addition, any role you explore in this sector has substantial opportunity for self-development. You can build your Young Professional life and work skills while building self-confidence, participating in  structured training programmes and building powerful client relationships.

4. There are more hospitality and catering roles than there are doughnuts. Probably.

Let’s be honest – this is an exaggeration. There are a lot of doughnuts in the world. But there are also a great many hospitality and catering roles to choose from.

  • Kitchen mastery.
  • Front-of-house customer service.
  • Business back-end knowhow.
  • Events hosting and catering.
  • Social media and IT (some of those food franchise social media accounts are dripping with personality and pack a viral punch.)
  • Forward-thinking and innovative technology (look up Industry 4.0 and prepare to be amazed.)
  • Health and safety (safety in food matters. A lot.)
  • Food science (you can have a career inventing flavours – for real.)

Discover a selection of roles (and how to get into them) over on our Hospitality and Catering Careers Hub. It makes sense to open your eyes to the possibilities.

5. Creativity is applauded and rewarded.

Everyone always talks about the arts as a creative area to get into. And they’re right!


And it’s a big but…

If you’re a creative person, the world of food and drink offers creativity galore. Food isn’t only sustenance, it’s art.

What’s more, hospitality and catering offers more opportunities for young people (because everyone needs to eat and drink) and more opportunities for promotion.

Creativity is ultra-important in the creation of recipes that excite and satisfy. You don’t have to work in a Michelin-starred environment for creativity to play a vital role.

Creativity is equally important in the presentation of food and drink, and the look and atmosphere of the environment it’s served in.

Wedding planners, catering managers, restaurant managers, waiting staff choosing the music and table flowers for the right ambiance or creating the copy on the sandwich boards placed outside the coffee shop or gastro pub… they all know the value of fresh ideas, thinking of new ways to serve and present food.

Let’s not forget the other creative roles that sometimes get overlooked, either – the social media folk, website designers and copywriters who present a brand to the world in a way that makes people sit up and take notice.

Serve your own career needs in serving others.

Everyone wants to be appreciated for the work they do. To spread their wings, and be given the chance to show what they have to offer. To develop as a person and as a career force to be reckoned with.

You owe it to yourself to find a career path that works for YOU. And hospitality and catering might serve up opportunities you never dreamed existed.

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