GTT Communications – Telecommunications Careers Insight Day – 7th July #CreateYourFuture

Ever wondered how you can share information with your friends and family from anywhere in the world on social media platforms like Facebook, or how you can watch major sporting events on your smart phone, TV or tablet!

Reducing carbon emissions and looking after the planet are “hot topics” in Governments all over the world….. have you ever thought, “how can we see the damage being caused to the environment and how can Telecommunications help in minimising this damage?”

In this workshop you will gain knowledge of the different types of connectivity available, and how they are delivered to your home or a large company with offices all over the world and the potential challenges that you could face.

You will then use this knowledge in a scenario-based learning exercise where you will be asked to use your learning to discuss how you would like to see a sustainable Telecommunications company operate in the future and why.

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