Going back to school – what will it be like?

The school term is starting soon and after a summer of change it is fair that you might be feeling anxious and or excited about going back to school. A lot has changed since everyone was last properly at school and there are still decisions to be made by the Government and by individual schools about what is best for students.

  • Keep your eye on emails and messages from school, you should be receiving more information about what your new school year will look like?

What are the rules on face coverings?

Officially young people 11 and over have to wear face coverings in shops and on public transport, unless they are exempt (people with certain conditions and disabilities do not have to wear a face covering).

Will I have to wear a mask in school?

There is still some information and guidance to come about whether students will have to wear face coverings in school at the moment it is not an official rule but different schools, colleges and sixth forms will be looking at how they can ensure their students are as safe as possible.

At the moment young people in schools in England that are in local lockdown (those with high areas of infection rate) will require young people to war masks in communal areas and corridors.

In Scotland..

It has been announced that from 31st August students in Scotland will have to wear a face covering in corridors, communal areas and school buses.

Will I be allowed near my friends?

Schools, colleges and sixth forms are still making decisions based on the best information available on how they will manage classes and mixing with groups. We do know that school won’t be exactly the same as it was last year, assemblies will be smaller and/or done virtually and it is likely that there will be some restrictions on how many people you can meet with and how close you can get them – this information will be being updated all of the time but remember any changes are just to keep you safe.

Try not to be anxious, things will feel uncertain as decisions are being made all of the time. Know that if things are changing it is because there is more information or a change in what is happening which will make things safer for you.

Who can I talk to if I feel anxious or uncertain about going to school, college or sixth form?

Talk to your friends, families and peers about what worries you, sometimes talking things through openly and getting the thoughts out of your head really helps to put your fears in to perspective.
Talk to your school or teachers – often what makes us worry is the unknown, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your school and ask how things will work when you return to school.

If you have growing concerns or anxiety you can reach out to Childline and Mind, you can also talk to your GP or call 111 at any time.

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