McDonald’s is re-opening. See how it is keeping its teams and customers safe

When you join Youth Friendly Employer McDonald’s to work in their team – or when you are their customer – you want to know you are in safe hands! So here’s what McDonald’s are doing to keep their teams and customers safe…

Reduced hours

McDonald’s restaurants are running reduced hours and serving a reduced menu until they’re back up and running fully. It helps to keep things safe!

Social distancing

Fewer people will work together on each shift. There are new measures including screens in kitchens and service areas to provide a safer environment and help teams and customers social distance safely.

Hand washing

Team members will wash their hands at least every 30 minutes and provide sanitiser for team members, delivery partners and customers.

Floor markings

Customers and delivery partners will be asked to respect social distancing guidelines. All restaurants will have clear floor markings to signpost the safest route.

Deep cleaning and sanitisation

McDonald’s deep cleaned their restaurants before opening. They’ll continue to clean surfaces and equipment, including kiosks and card readers, even more regularly.

Temperature checks

McDonald’s teams will get added protective equipment including face coverings. They will get their temperature checked every day with contactless thermometers. McDonald’s ask that customers do not enter restaurants if feeling unwell.